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Our story

Wood Studio was founded by Martina Hernemyr. A skilled interior decorator in an attempt to end frustration, and the constant habit of having to accept no for an answer. Years of experience has taught us that in order to create unique and bespoke solutions for a home and its owner’s dreams – you need to look beyond large scale manufacturing. We simply could not find what we often went looking for, so we decided to craft it ourselves instead. Today we are able to merge genuine craftsmanship with Scandinavian design to create contemporary yet timeless furnishings for spaces like kitchens, dressing rooms, pantries, and bookshelves in our own carpentry.

Every detail is crafted
from our shared vision.

Wood Studio’s design philosophy focuses on simplicity, harmony and unique details; with materials, colors and shapes adapted to the shared vision of the studio and the client. We believe in solutions that are timeless and long-lasting, and provide value for money – a job we only can achieve by working close to our clients in every step of the process. Wood Studio specialize in kitchens, but our work and creativity see’s no limitation and we are constantly trying to progress forwards, in our pursuit to explore new opportunities, concepts and ideas.

You won’t find us
everywhere, but we’d
love to see you here.

Although our founders have many years of extensive industry experience, Wood Studio is a fairly young company and to date, our work and installations are exclusively found in private homes. Our showroom is located outside of Malmo, Sweden in a newly renovated armory barn. Although open by appointment only - we would love the opportunity to welcome you to our showroom to discuss your visions and ideas and how we can help you make them a reality in the most cost efficient way possible. To book your appointment, please get in touch with us here:

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